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The most prolific tree killer in Minnesota

Emerald ash borer

The emerald ash borer, or EAB, is a non-native, invasive species of wood-boring beetle that was discovered in Minnesota in 2009. The adult beetles are metallic green in color, and very small in size. Despite its diminutive size and relatively harmless appearance, EAB can quickly kill an ash tree of any size. Emerald ash borer larva feed on the inner bark of ash trees. Over time, the tree becomes unable to transport water nutrients and nutrients and essentially starves to death.

Emerald ash borer treatment is crucial in protecting this native species of tree, as EAB can kill an ash tree within as little as two years. The state of Minnesota has almost 2 billion ash trees, and is expected to be impacted the most both environmentally and environmentally by EAB. If you’re concerned about the possible presence of EAB, click "Lean More" to read about the typical signs and symptoms:

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