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Saving a tree from Emerald ash borer: Homepage_about

Emerald ash borer is the Challenge of Our Time

Minnesota has almost 1 billion ash trees

Heartwood Tree Surgeons can save your ash tree from Emerald ash borer, through a variety of treatments methods. To schedule a consultation, and learn what ash borer management approach is best for your property, please CONTACT US and one of our Certified Arborists will discuss available options.  

The Dangers of Removing a Dead Ash Tree
Preventative measures, either through treatment or removal, are the most
cost effective and safest

Dead ash trees are extremely brittle and crack easily​

Death rate in our industry is going up for Arborists due to the exposure of dead ash trees across the country

Removing a dead ash tree likely will require large mechanical equipment, like a crane or bucket truck, which will increase the costs of removal.

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