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Shrub trimming in minneapolis

Minneapolis Shrub Pruning & Trimming​


On the one hand, shrubs and bushes are essentially little trees. So the skills and understanding of plant biology needed to prune a tree translate to pruning a shrub. But on the other hand, every different species of shrub has different requirements for what to prune, how to prune, when to prune, how much to cut, and what tools to use. It takes a depth of knowledge of each individual bush species to properly prune and trim that particular species. Not only that, it also takes certain artistic abilities and creative flair to make shrubs and bushes look beautiful. Mastery of shrub pruning is a difficult feat indeed.


Shrub care, which includes shrub pruning and trimming, is one of our major focal points. Our ISA Certified Arborists are seasoned professionals who have a deep knowledge of how and when to properly prune and trim a wide range of shrub species.


When pruning and trimming shrubs, we typically follow a methodology called “Natural Target Pruning.” In a nutshell, this is selective removal of targeted branches to accomplish both health and aesthetic purposes while preserving the natural form of the bush. The natural form of the shrub is its best defense against the stresses and rigors of existence in the suburban/urban landscape. For example, we often thin bushes in order to open the plant canopy and increase air circulation. We do incorporate various forms of selective heading cuts when necessary, particularly when your goal is to reduce the size of the shrub or redirect growth.


We typically prefer not to shear shrubs with hedgetrimmers, except in some situations or unless directed to do so. In most cases, shearing causes a loss of natural form and thick outer growth. Once we start shearing, we have to do so frequently in order to keep the plant looking good, which increases maintenance time and costs. That being said, there are some situations where shearing is a great option, particularly on compact evergreens such as compact hollys and boxwoods and for some types of ornamental grasses such as papyrus.


When pruning flowering bushes, we take care to do so at the proper time of the year. Trimming at the wrong time will ruin the flower bloom. For example, we prune many spring-flowering shrubs after they blossom. In contrast, for many species of summer-blooming shrubs we prune one to two months before spring growth begins.


We have the knowledge and expertise to properly prune and trim your shrubs and bushes. Contact us today and we will send one of our ISA Certified Arborists to provide you with a free consultation.


Shrub & Bush Pruning & Trimming Service Areas: Minneapolis, Edina, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Bloomington and Wayzata.


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