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  • Why Should We Choose Biome as our Tree Service Provider?
    1. Biome gives back to the community by donating profits to charities and volunteering our time. 2. We are sustainably minded and consider animals, insects, and the community at-large when writing a prescription for your property. 3. We are young in our years, but have advanced knowledge through our experiences and educational qualifications. You will witness our youthful energy and our committment to service! 4. We guarantee our work.
  • What are ways to save money?
    1. We can leave the wood debris on the ground for you to haul away. 2. Bundle multiple services together at the same time of purchase 3. Become a Lifetime Shade Member.
  • What Benefits do I receive when becoming a Shade Member?
    1. Free Bare-Root Maple Tree (a $125 value!) 2. 10% savings on every $3,000 worth of services 3. Rapid Emergency Response with Storm Shield Protection 4. Annual Tree Health Assessment in August 5. 50% off WoodchuckUSA products 6. Donation to Bella Goose Charity to fight Human Trafficking 7. Unlimited advice from our arborist team through email or phone
  • What is the process to complete my work?
    1. Contact our staff through email or phone. 2. Schedule an appointment where our Certified Arborist can meet you on site. 3. We will listen to your goals and make additional recommendations. 4. We will likely provide a price to you in-person. If it's a project with more logistics, we will email you a proposal within 48 hours after our arrival. 5. We can work with you to complete within your timeframe. An average turnaround for work is approximately 3 weeks.
  • How is pricing determined?
    Our Certified Arborist will evaluate your site to analyze 1) Your objectives 2) Site access 3) Equipment needed 4) Expertise and techniques needed 5) Level of risk to your property and our staff members. Most tree services actually charge similar hourly rates. Their methods of procedure are why you see differences in pricing. Make sure you trust the company and their process.
  • What do you do with the left over wood debris?
    Biome is committed to sustainable practices. We try to utilize the wood debris whenever possible. Some of our wood is donated to the Women's Woodshop, in South Minneapolis. Please learn more about that organization here:
  • Do I have to use a Certified Arborist to perform the work?
    No, but a good Certified Arborist will give you peace of mind. Some projects are more hazardous than others, so a Certified Arborist is highly recommended in many situations. A Certified Arborist has worked in the industry least 3+ years, has taken numerous exams, and does continuing education on an annual basis to maintain their Certification. Biome has 3 Certified Arborists on staff.
  • Do you carry Insurance?
    Yes. Biome carries some of the best coverage in the industry. We can provide our Certificate of Insurance upon request.
  • Can you provide references?
    Yes. References are available upon request. We have done work for these partners: 1. Dakota County 2. Anoka County 3. Habitat for Humanity 4. Minnehaha Creek Watershed 5. Providance Academy 6. Minnesota Vikings 7. US Airforce 8. City of Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
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